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Deutsche Bank AG is a multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and dual-listed in New York Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The bank's network spans 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia. As of 2017–2018, Deutsche Bank was the 17th largest bank in the world by total assets. As the largest German banking institution, it is a component of the DAX stock market index.

Customers have much to say online, stating that it has the worst customer service for expats you can find. They describe the bank customer facing service support at the bottom of the bottom with processes and tools are all 10 years back in time. From a disgruntled ex-pat to the country of Germany regarding Death Bank: Germany, what the h$ll are you doing letting this bank continue operating? They are thieves, money launderers and a national disgrace that soils your name everywhere that they go. Shut them down already, and make them pay back all our excess fees. It's gonna happen eventually... if there is any justice in the world!

And then there's Donald Trump's notorious relationship with Deutsche Bank! Trump's murky relationship with Deutsche Bank is still under congressional investigation, so the book DARK TOWERS Deutshe Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction is necessarily incomplete. Still, the book has enough detail to make its case that Deutsche Bank was more than just one more rogue bank; it is a cautionary tale of what happens when a bank pursues profits at any cost, without being weighed down by pesky moral scruples.

Trump pitched himself as a successful businessman and an executive, even though his actual record included a string of spectacular bankruptcies and lawsuits -- including an effort during the 2008 financial crisis to sidestep a $40 million debt to Deutsche Bank by invoking a "force majeure" clause likening the economic catastrophe to riots or floods. Rather than pay what he owed, he sued the bank claiming harm to his finances and reputation, eventually settling out of court.


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Astrid YlösalaisenKimeeri says

"They dont speak english and they are incredible rude. I wanted to open an account and called them multiple times. Allways they just sayed that there is no english speaking service and hang up or connected me to somebody else who did not speak. In the end after speaaking to multiple different persons somebody just sayed that I have called to the wrong adviser and she can not help and hang up with no excuses or sorry?!? God damn, just learn some languages! And have in infoline somebody that can speak some other language than the mother language or at least knows how to speak to customers. So embarassing from them. I just ended up to open an account in an other bank."

Truong Giang Vu says

"The first time I contacted to customer service and would like to ask for a additional service from my account. The lady was very very rude, even I can talk with her in German without any problem. If I can rate this service, I would give zero and this is one of the worst service I have ever met in my life."

A regular user says

"The services are expensive. The technology is horrible. Doesn't provide a phone number to get assistance in English."

SA says

"There aren't any 0 stars, otherwise I would have put that. Just try getting through to the help line. Stay away, worst bank ever!"

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